Industrial projects

    Industrial projects
    • Project and Manufacturing of Tanks for liquids fuels (gasoline, gas oil, oil, alcohol, etc.)
    • Project and Manufacturing of Pressure Vessels (LPG, Ammonia, Compressed Air, etc.)
    • Project and Manufacturing of Overhead Traveling Cranes.
    • Project and Manufacturing of Fire Protection Systems.
    • Project, Manufacturing and Assembly of Industrial Piping Systems and Pumping Parks
    • Conveyor Belts, Elevators, Carrousel Belt Conveyors for Baggage, etc.
    • Aboveground and Elevated Steel Water Tanks.
    • Project and Installation of Capacitors for Reactive Power Correction.
    • Project of a 500 liters capacity, square-section Gas Oil Tank for the United States Embassy in Paraguay.
    • Calculation and Project of three Vertical Cylindrical Vegetable Oil or Animal Fat Storage Tanks with Supported Cone Roofs, of 1,000 m3 capacity.
    • Calculation and Project of a Vertical Cylindrical Fire Protection Water Storage Tank with Supported Cone Roof, of 340 m3 capacity.
    • Calculation and Project of Product Piping System and Fire Protection System for the Hydrocarbon Reception, Storage and Dispatch Plant “Puerto Tres Fronteras” of the O.T.S. S.A. Company in Presidente Franco City, Paraguay