Electromechanical projects

    Electromechanical projects
    • Project of Protection of Engine Room in the Central Hidroeléctrica Acaray I and II, including Calculation, Drawings and Technical Specifications of Embedded Parts, Stop-Logs Panels, Guide Blocks and Flat Springs, Seals and Sealing Plates, Lifting Pins, Watertights Doors.
    • Project of Engine Room, General Warehouse, Site Warehouse, Cooking, Corn Treatment and Reception Steel Buildings.
    • Projects of Steel Platforms and Stairways for Factories and Buildings such as INPET, CITIBANK, Casa Kube, etc.
    • Access Walkways to Yeast and Remains Tanks in Ypané Cervepar Plant.
    • Calculation and Project of Steel Structures Roofs for several Service Stations.
    • Calculation and Project of a Steel Stairway for Corposana in Viñas Cué Plant.
    • Project and Calculation of a Parabolic Roof with Steel Framed Columns for Refined Stage in “Algodonera Ybycuí S.A.C.I.
    • Project and Calculation of a Steel Platform and Ladder for “Financiera Paratodo”, San Lorenzo.
    • Calculations of Steel Trusses for a 15,300 mm span Structural Building Roof.
    • Project and Calculation of Steel Building for the expansion of Bottling Sector in Ypané II CERVEPAR Plant.
    • Calculations for Quotation of Manufacturing of ANDE Comunication Towers Steel.
    • Calculation and Project of Roof Steel Structures for the “Hospital Regional de Luque”. Customer: VIVIENDAS PARAGUAYAS S.A.
    • Project of three Steel Beams for the “Hospital Distrital de Ñemby.
    • Project of Steel Structures and Ramps for the Asunción Bus Station. Customer.
    • Project of Steel Structures for Stadium, Preparatory School, Kinder Dining Room and Police Station for the “Equipamiento Comunitario Carmen del Paraná – Entidad Binacional Yacyretá”.
    • Project of four Steel Bridges and three Steel Platforms for the “Salto Monday”.
    • Project of a Support Structure for Evaporator Tank.
    • Calculation of Steel Platform for “Laboratorios Catedral”.
    • Project of a Emergency Stairway for the United States Embassy building in Paraguay.
    • Project of a Baggages Carrousel and Conveyor Belt for the “Silvio Pettirossi” International Airport.
    • Calculation of Steel Structures for the Primary and Secondary Stone Crushers Equipment.
    • Calculation of 9000 mm span Roof Steel Beam.
    • Project of a Steel Support Structure for 60.000 mm Conveyor Belt for the “Azucarera Paraguaya” Plant.
    • Calculation of Pallets Storage Steel Structure for “Farmacéutica Paraguaya S.A.”.
    • Project of Roof Steel Structures and Concrete Pillars for the “Complejo Rakiura” Gym.
    • Project of Roof Steel Structures for the Stevia Processing Plant